Levenseat has been a key player in the Scottish waste and resource management sector for over 35 years. We are an industry leader in the field of converting waste into resources, leading the way to a more sustainable Scotland. Set to manage 750,000 tonnes of recyclates and resources per year, we are committed to developing new solutions to recover the best resources and provide customers with environmental and economic solutions.

We also play a key role in educating communities, businesses, and councils on the value of resources and the part they can play to reduce waste and embrace the principles of a circular economy.

Levenseat process 4 waste streams for Scottish Borders, Residual waste (black bag waste) street cleansing material, commercial and industrial waste, and bulky household waste ( i.e. mattresses and couches, etc) we are pleased to be working with you to help bring the world of resource recovery and recycling to the classroom.

Levenseat on site Map of each area and equipment


1. Materials Recycling & Fuel Preparation 2. Power Plant 3. Organics Recycling 4. Container Materials Recycling Facility 5. Concrete production 6. Materials Processing 7. Minerals Recovery Plant

Levenseat Resource Management

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