What bin does it go in Second Level Button

Test your knowledge by matching the waste to the correct bin

Audit Challenge Second Level Button

Can you help save the planet by carrying out a waste audit?

The Journey of Waste Memory Match Game Button

After you have watched The Journey of Waste video, can you complete this memory match game?

Wordsearch Second Level Button

Can you find all the words in this Levenseat wordsearch

Campaign Challenge Button

Your mission for today is to design a campaign to help reduce litter in your community

Eco Bingo Button

One small step can make a huge difference with 9 eco-friendly actions

Reflection Exercise Button

It is time to reflect on what you have learned

Upcycle Bottle Top

Take a look at how you can be creative and up-cycle bottle tops

Upcycle Packaging Button

Learn how to create a cool cactus by up-cycling packaging such as cardboard and shredded paper

Upcycle T-Shirt Button

Learn how to up-cycle an old T-Shirt and give it a new lease of life by turning it into a bag with a few creative steps

Personal Protective Equipment Button

Learn about why it is important to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at Levenseat.

Road Sweepings Sequence Game Button

After you have watched the Levenseat Road Sweepings video, can you arrange the images to go into the correct order?

Waste Audit Second Level Button

A bin audit is a great way to take stock of what waste you could be avoiding and improve your recycling habits at school