Noughts and Crosses-3 ways

We all know how to play Noughts and Crosses the old-fashioned way but if you are looking for a different and fun way to play nought and crosses, here are some ideas.

Garden Noughts and Crosses

Things you will need: 

10 stones, roughly the same size
Clean and clear floor or ground to play on


Old wooden plank or slab from the garden to play on and draw a grid with chalk or even paint!

How to: 

  1. Make sure the stones are clean and dry.
  2. Paint 5 stones like ladybugs and the other 5 stones like bees or any other garden insect.
  3. Allow the paint to dry
  4. Draw a grid with chalk outdoors space in the garden or draw onto a slab or a wooden plank

Craft Noughts and Crosses

If you have arts and crafts materials at home, then give this a try.

Things you can use: 

Pipe cleaners
Clean and clear floor or ground to play on

How to:

  1. Using the pipe cleaners, create noughts, (circles), and crosses, (X’s).
  2. Using another 4 pipe cleaners, create a grid! That easy!

Lego Noughts and Crosses

Things you will need: 

10 Same size Lego bricks, 2 different colours
1 large Lego plate, big enough to play on
Enough bricks to make the grid

How to do: 

  1. Build your grid onto the flat lego plate
  2. Let’s play


Sock Snake Bubbles

Things you will need:

Old plastic bottle
Homemade bubble mix
Optional food colouring

How to:

  1. Use a pair of scissors to cut off the bottom of a water bottle
  2. Stretch out the sock and slide it over the open end of the water bottle
  3. Stretch it out so it opens completely over the water bottle and then fold it back. Folding it back will keep it snug on the bottle, and it will make it easy to take apart if you are using a good pair of socks that you plan to reuse afterwards
  4. Dip the end of the bottle and sock into the bubble solution
  5. Blow on the mouthpiece of the bottle to make the bubbles
  6. To make the snake blow HARD!

Bubble Mix: In a small container, mix some dish soap with a small amount of water and about 1/2 cup of water. You will have to guess the amounts until you get a good bubble consistency. To make a colourful snake add a few drops of food colouring into the bubble mix.


Frozen T-shirt Race

Looking for fun in the sun?! Here is a random and funny alternative game for summer.

Things you will need:

T-shirts depend on the number of people playing

How to:

  1. grab one t-shirt per player.
  2. soak with water. squeeze out and fold up.
  3. place parchment paper in between shirts and put it in the freezer.
  4. when frozen– pass them out.
  5. The first person who can unfold the shirt and put it on wins!!!!


Child-Friendly Chocolate Fondue

Keeping the kids happy with this funky treat idea. This activity will need adult supervision.

Things you will need:

Chocolate of your choice
Tea lights, one for each child or one between two
Treats e.g. marshmallows, fruit, biscuits, sweets, popcorn

How to:

  1. Melt chocolate on a hob or microwave
  2. Cut up any fruit or treats into bite-size chunks
  3. Light the tea lights at a safe distance but within reach of the child
  4. Children can dip the treats into the melted chocolate and melt the marshmallows over the tea lights, chocolate s’mores!


Shaving Foam Fun

Shaving foam has so many uses than just helping you shave your face or legs.  The kids can use it for some imaginative play.

Shaving Foam Painting

This great interactive play allows all children to take part.

You will need:

Shaving Foam (2-3 cans)
Range of Paints
Glitter (optional)
Tray or clean surface to make your paintings

How to:

  1. Cover the base of your tray with shaving cream. Taking into consideration allergies, you may need shaving cream for sensitive skin.
  2. Squeeze your paints out and make various patterns as you do so, providing a colourful canvas to explore.
  3. Add a sprinkle of glitter if you wish.
  4. Children who are reluctant to paint, and mark make with their hands can use sticks or pointers. Drag your fingers or sticks through the shaving foam and watch the beautiful swirls that begin to appear.
  5. Take a piece of paper and press it down onto the colourful swirls. Peel back and place the paper on a flat surface.
  6. Using a flat object such as a ruler, scrape off the excess shaving foam

There we have it, a fun painting technique using shaving cream, that is also great for mark-making!

Frozen Shaving Foam

Frozen-inspired shaving foam and ice sensory play is easy to make!

Things you will need:

Shaving Foam
Food colouring
Ice trays, different sizes if possible
Plastic Tray or sensory bin

How to:

  1. Fill ice cube trays with coloured water
  2. Add coloured glitter to the coloured water for some extra shine.
  3. When they were frozen solid pop them out of the ice cube trays and into a sensory bin full of shaving foam. You might want to use an entire can of shaving foam for this activity.

You can stack the ice cubes into towers, make a marble effect in the shaving foam, and watch the coloured ice melt. Add your own cars, figures and toys for some imaginative play!


DIY Lava Lamp

This cool science experiment will have the whole family impressed!

Things you will need:

Vegetable or sunflower oil
Food colouring, any colour
Bicarbonate of soda
Tall glass or bottle
Small cup

How to:

  1. Add three spoons of bicarbonate of soda into the tall glass or bottle
  2. Fill around 2 thirds of the container with oil but DO NOT MIX
  3. In the small cup, add some vinegar and several drops of food colouring.
  4. Slowly add drops of your coloured vinegar into your oil and bicarbonate mixture and watch your lava lamp come to life.

Optional: why not try adding different colours to your lava lamp.